Women’s beauty tricks: advice of professionals

Female beauty tricks are necessary to avoid stress in our rapidly changing world. After all, women, as usual, do not have much time, there are many worries. A look must be one hundred percent! Often a few simple tricks are all you need to get out of the house and still feel great. What kind of tricks are we talking about? Oh, there are many of them. From skin cleansing to the use of certain accessories. Of course, every woman knows how to decorate herself in accordance with her style and way of life. And we will tell you about some secrets that you may not yet know.

So, let’s hear which recommendations in the field of beauty and style are given by professionals.

Female tricks for beauty of hair

Do not be surprised, the recipes sometimes look amazing, but they do work!

  • Beer. Dull hair can be “revived” with the help of it. Moisten hair with beer, and then wash as usual. Get excellent shiny curls!
  • Crest. This tool, almost replaced by massage brushes, is very useful for those who have hair cut off. If you use a comb with wide teeth every day, the problem of split ends will be solved.

How to choose such clothes to feel beautiful?

Clothes should decorate. It sounds trite, but you see, we see women who seem to have bought a dress or a skirt of such a style or size to emphasize the shortcomings, rather than the dignity of their figure? So, a few tricks when buying clothes:

  • The size. Do not pay attention to the size on the label or label when making a purchase. After all, firms sometimes deviate from standards in one direction or another. Of course, you know roughly what size suits you. But, if you are firmly sure that you should have a T-shirt labeled L, and it dangles on you or, conversely, overly tight, just try on the other. Squeeze into the narrow pants, which then do not stretch, although the seller promised so? Also not the best way out.
  • Strips. But on the stripes on the clothes, attention should be paid! Horizontal will make your figure visually more voluminous, vertical, on the contrary, visually reduce.

Tricks for beautiful skin

Here in this area full of space for your imagination. But we are sure: you did not know about some recipes:

  • Seaweed. They are great for the skin: they reduce acne, make birthmarks more pale. In general, generally well maintain tone.
  • Mud applications. This is one of the oldest procedures in the world of beauty. Such applications will clear, tone and soothe your skin.
  • Sea salt. Wipe it after the shower problem areas. This is an excellent remedy for fighting cellulite.
  • Olive oil. Helps with excessively dry skin.
  • Sugar. Finally, we can benefit from it! Middle Eastern epilation technique: if you are too sensitive to wax, apply the “sugaring” method. Heat the mixture of sugar and water until a thick, almost caramel-like condition, cool. Apply to the skin and quickly remove with gauze.
  • Ice and cucumber. This little trick we have repeatedly seen in movies and commercials. Put on the skin of the eyelids or under the eyes ice cubes or slices of cucumber. Puffiness will decrease, and your eyes will not look tired.
  • Oatmeal. So you want to add “sir”! It will help women with oily skin. The scrub from the crushed oatmeal perfectly absorbs fat and narrows the pores.

We talked only about some of the female beauty tricks , but there are so many! For example, in the field of makeup. Professionals advise: to make the cosmetics look natural, you should apply the mixing method. That is, the edges of the shadows, blush and even the ice-liner (“eyeliner” for the eyes) should be slightly smeared. Surely you will like this advice: do not apply cosmetics to the inner corners of the eyes, since you can infect the lacrimal glands. Be beautiful and share your tricks with us in the comments!



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