Wrinkles. Reasons for the appearance of wrinkles. How to prevent wrinkles

Wrinkles. Reasons for the appearance of wrinkles. How to prevent wrinkles.. Young healthy skin firm, smooth, tightly stretched.

With age, it turns yellow, becomes dry, rough, loses elasticity sing, her wrinkles, furrows and folds.

Wrinkles gradually. First wrinkles on the forehead, and then in the direction of the nose to the chin, at the outer corners of the eyes, and finally, on the neck, nose, chin and upper lip. Wrinkles can be seen in people of all ages, even in the young.

The reasons for the appearance of wrinkles
Wrinkles . Wrinkles cause different facial habits wrinkling his forehead, squinting eye (usually the sun) way to laugh also promotes the formation of wrinkles in some people laughter is a sharp reduction of the facial muscles.

Premature appearance of wrinkles is also observed in the wrong position of the head during sleep. Many are asleep, high enclosing under head pillow with head leaning on his chest, and the neck and chin wrinkles.

Wrinkles may also appear under intense weight loss. Stretched skin can not quickly reduced, it droops, wrinkle.
Past medical history . Infectious and chronic diseases of the nervous and endocrine systems, women’s, gastro-intestinal diseases weaken the resistance of the body, reducing the elasticity of the skin, and it begins to shrink.

Natural factors of wrinkles . A significant role in the development of wrinkles in young people play a variety of external influences: prolonged exposure to the sun and wind, air temperature fluctuations, its excessive dryness or humidity, long stay in the sultry, smoky environment (passive smoking).

Abuse of decorative cosmetics . Many girls with good skin abused frequent washing and dusting particular person. A frequent application of powder dries the skin and contributes to the formation of wrinkles.

The age factor of wrinkles . Already in the 3rd decade of life wrinkles are the result of the age began aging of skin. Between 30 and 40 years the number of wrinkles increases significantly and reaches a maximum of 55-60 years. The skin of older people lose their density and elasticity, due to thinning of the subcutaneous fat, degeneration and loss of elastic fibers, it is stretched and lowered, while vehemently opposed by the cheekbones, clearly revealed the nasolabial folds, the volume of the chin, neck, back of the head.

Postpone visit to the plastic surgeon!

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How to prevent wrinkles

In order to prevent the appearance of wrinkles you have to combine performance compound exercises for the muscles of the face with the procedures for the care of his skin:

Getting rid of bad habits mimic . When a double chin, sagging skin and fine wrinkles on the neck is recommended to get rid of a bad habit to press your chin to your chest. Much more useful, and beautiful, keep your head slightly elevated. During sleep, the person must rest on a bed free, dig into it in any case should not be. Of great importance is the condition of teeth and timely prosthesis. Missing teeth not only leads to abnormal digestion, but also inevitably changes the shape of the face: cheeks sink, are formed deep creases and furrows.

Application compresses (poultices) . For their preparation put in a band (20-25 cm), a small towel or cloth dipped in hot water, wring out and put on the face. Mid compress covers chin from below, and the ends are applied to the cheeks, forehead and nose (available only the mouth and nose). Poultice should be kept on the face for 2-3 minutes, then remove and wipe the face or pour cold water.
Application rubdown . Wipe face with cold saline solution (1/2 tsp. Salt to 1 cup of water). For very dry skin, use instead of salt solution of tannin (1/2 tsp. Tannin to 1 cup of water).

The use of anti wrinkle creams . Before going to sleep is useful to lubricate the face cream or ointment. Added to the ointment ordinary table salt – 1/2 tsp. finely comminuted salt 1 pound jar of cream. This cream is applied to the face, especially on wrinkles, and 2-3 minute drive in his finger tips. In the morning, it is advisable to rinse the face with cool water, lubricate it with cream and powder. You should not go out, not blurry face cream.

Protect from direct sunlight . People with the planned wrinkles avoid direct rays of the sun, preferably air baths. Before lighting up sure to grease the face cream.

Self-massage against the appearance of wrinkles. When wrinkles daily Tapping lightly with your fingertips to your face for 5 minutes. It improves circulation in the skin and strengthens it.

The use of masks . They prevent the formation of wrinkles and have only a positive effect on the skin.

  • Protein-limonene. Egg whites beaten to a froth, add to it the juice of half a lemon and a pinch of salt, stir the mixture well.
  • Yolk-oil. Egg yolk mixed with 1/2 tsp. camphor and castor oil.
  • Egg tolokonnaya. To beaten egg whites or yolk add 1 tsp. honey and 1 tbsp. l. oatmeal.
  • Yolk and honey. Egg yolk rub with 1/2 tsp. honey and 1 tsp. glycerin.
  • Yeast. 20-25 g of yeast diluted milk or vegetable oil until thick cream.
  • Yeast sour. 25 g yeast diluted with water until thick cream and allow to stand until fermentation.


Given mask can be alternated with masks recommended for sagging skin. Before laying face mask to wash or rub off. Duration of use of masks – 15-20 minutes. All masks, except yeast, can be left for the night. Masks containing oils are removed wet swab, the rest – washed with water.

Healthy lifestyle . Proper skin care and prevention is not enough for the successful elimination of wrinkles. Should care about improving the overall health; install bracing regime to give up smoking, physical activity and physical exercise the entire body and face.

Healthy living, proper skin care, control of facial expressions and good humor will help delay the appearance of wrinkles. People aged, relaxed, friendly retain smooth skin for longer than bile, always discontented people.



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